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Rock Breakers Hire

Reliability and efficiency are very important when choosing a rock breaker. Simolee Excavations offers a wide range of premium hammers that are insured and regularly maintained to ensure optimum efficiency. All our hammers are designed to handle any front-ended rock breaking activities to meet your needs. We provide top quality rock breakers for hire available from Kiama and Helensburgh, suitable for excavators between 1.5 to 30 tons and more. Our broad-spectrum hammer collection is applicable for typical applications, such as pipeline building, civil construction and demolition services.

Our breakers offer excellent weight to power ratios and host of many other ground-breaking features, including but are not limited to:

  • 8t-50t Excavator Suits
  • Diverse sizes
  • Suitable for a wide range of machineries
  • Efficient rock and concrete breaking
  • Easy to install, function, and move around on site
  • Variety of available hitch dimension/sizing arrangements

We often rent out hydraulic excavator hammers that are built to smash hardpan, sub-level hard rock and concrete, also known as rock or concrete breakers, and are widely used on building and demolition sites.

Our hydraulic hammers come with handy features that are suitable for road construction, smaller trenching and demolition work, house repairing and landscaping, in combination with an excavator. Our breakers are a versatile and efficient demolition tool that is suitable for both your excavation and demolition needs. Our mobile, heavy-duty hydraulic breaker integrates minimal network downtime waste with superior efficiency.

Our wide fleet of rock breakers is available for long- or short-term rentals from Kiama and Helensburgh for hire. We stock a wide range of attachments to fit all forms of excavators, so we have the breaker to match your needs no matter what the size of your next job is.

We come well-equipped with a wide variety of breakers and accessories to support your project. Feel free to browse through our collection of excavator breakers and other attachments from our nearest Kiama branch today.

Need help with choosing the best extension for an excavator? Not sure which attachment you need for the job or whether your machine fits it? Need advice on getting the right rock breakers for hire across your Kiama and Helensburgh locality? Call Simolee Excavations now! We are here to answer all your queries regarding your excavation needs. Call us now and collect your free no-obligation quotes today!

Rock Breakers

  • Splitting sandstone
  • Problematic rocky site cuts