Rock Grabs

rock grabs

The Rock Grab is a versatile tool capable of lifting large rocks and positioning them accurately. Three types provide a stable method for gripping rocks safely and firmly.

Ideal for building rock walls.

All rock grabs have the following features:

  • Excellent GRIPPING FORCE for hard rock with 3 – 5 heavy duty fingers.
  • Extra reinforcing over the tines for maximum life in constant production work.
  • Belly plate to protect cylinder underneath – designed for minimum downtime.
  • Every pin greaseable with protected grease nipples – designed for a long life.
  • High clamping forces with oversized pistons – allows secure gripping of any load.
  • All excavator series made from the highest quality steel available – HARDOX.
  • Built by a company specializing in grabs and grapples for over 20 years.
  • Optional overcentre valves.
  • Intermercato’s fully hydraulic rock grabs allow the operator to still have full control of the tilt cylinder so objects can be picked up and placed precisely with more ease.
  • Tilt cylinder can be used for raking.
  • Reach OVER the rock as the top pin are spread apart, allowing you a more secure grip on your load.